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Korolov Shipping

Korolov Shipping Corporation

Corporate Hierarchy

Encountered: Systems of the New Beyond.

Defenses: Ronin-class gunships and Centurion-class heavy gunships.

Notes: Always willing to hire escort pilots. Seek these stations out if you want to earn some extra credits by defending cargo freighters against pirates and other hazards.

Korolov Shipping

Let's face it: most people don't consider interplanetary shipping to be a sexy occupation. 3DV catalogs are filled with the exploits of the Fleet or even the Commonwealth Militia, but (other than the cult series Antares Heavy) no one chronicles the day-to-day challenges of the freighter captain or the men and women who keep it safe.

That's a shame because the life of a freighter escort captain can be very exciting. In the less-populated systems of the New Beyond, the dangers from pirates and outlaws can be extreme. Fighting off a wave of Corsair-class gunships while defending a 12-kiloton freighter requires sharp skills and a strong protective instinct. And the pay is pretty good too.

The Korolov Shipping Corporation is the largest (and oldest) shipping company in Human Space. They have some of the most experienced escort pilots and are trusted by all the Commonwealth to ship expensive goods anywhere.

If you want to be an escort pilot for Korolov (and who wouldn't?) you'll want to make sure you and your ship are ready. Lasers are probably your best option against the kinds of threats you'll encounter, the bigger the better. But don't neglect your shields: Sometimes you'll need to interpose yourself between the freighter you're protecting and an incoming missile.

To be a successful escort pilot you also need to do some planning before you go out. The more valuable the cargo, the more powerful the threat against it. Don't accept a request to escort a cargo load beyond your abilities. At the same time, managers at Korolov like their escort pilots to have wide-ranging experience; Make sure you escort a variety of freighters, from the tiny EI100s to the massive Antares Vs.

So if you think you've got what it takes, visit the nearest Korolov Shipping station and ask for a mission.