Transcendence Game Design

Design FAQ

Where do I send ideas or suggestions about Transcendence?

Please join the Official Transcendence Forums. After you've registered, send email to [email protected] to expedite your membership activation. Or, if you prefer, join the Unofficial Transcendence Forums.

What is the philosophy behind the design of Transcendence?

The guiding philosophy behind Transcendence is to create a fun, replayable game that reveals greater detail and depth the more one plays.

What is the role of realism in the design?

Realism is important to the game as long as it does not conflict with the guiding philosophy of the game (see above). Perhaps a more accurate answer is that the illusion of realism is important. It must be possible to willingly suspend disbelief.

Will Transcendence ever be multiplayer?

Probably not. It would certainly be cool to play a multiplayer game set in the Transcendence universe. But such a game would not be Transcendence nor could such a game be created from the Transcendence game engine.

"To Be Continued..."? What's up with that?

Part II of Transcendence, in which the player ventures into the Galaxy and meets the Ancient Races, will first appear in the version 2.0 timeframe. Work on version 2.0 will begin sometime in 2008.

Part III of Transcendence will complete the journey to the Galactic Core.