Transcendence Game Design

Version History


17 December 2012

  • Connection to the Multiverse
  • Game stats
  • Support for different screen sizes
  • Stargate network map
  • Key mapping definitions in Settings.xml
  • Game balance and usability fixes
  • See: Release Notes


11 April 2010

  • Fixed bug in which not enough memory is allocated to save system. [Thanks to Eric James]
  • Fixed a crash when Salvager tries to dock with a destroyed object. [Thanks to namer4]
  • Fixed a crash when zoanthrope is killed by its own follower. [Thanks to darksider]
  • Added (sysCalcFireSolution).
  • Fixed bug in which installing armor at Ringers checked credits instead of rin. [Thanks to Salvagebot 1.0]
  • Fixed bug causing "Nil is under attack" message. [Thanks to raelz]
  • Fixed a problem in which Kate hates the player if she gates out. [Thanks to Xephyr and Bobby]
  • If player saves Antarctica and gates, Antarctica should count as 'escaped'. [Thanks to Shrike]
  • 'W' should not select disabled weapons. [Thanks to Manekineko]
  • In Heretic, fixed description of manipulators after they're disabled. [Thanks to Shrike]
  • #335: If player has disposable launcher, Raisu should give launcher (instead of missiles). [Thanks to Nate879]
  • #333: Superfreighter should have piracy-check code. [Thanks to sdw195]
  • In Heretic, if Xenophobe ark wreck is destroyed, mission should fail. [Thanks to Ho'okoa]
  • Typo: "Have you every..." -> "Have you ever..." [Thanks to Ho'okoa]


12 March 2010

  • Version 1.0 Released.