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Transcendence 0.97

Transcendence 0.97

The latest version of Transcendence is finally ready for download! What started out as a minor release to fix some bugs in 0.96a has become a much larger update that includes dozens of new items, new stations, and many new surprises.

Although you may not notice many changes in the early systems, once you get past St. Katharine's you should begin to see some of the new corporate stations. For example, the Corporate Trading post lets you buy and sell high-level items in Sung Space. But its most useful feature is the ability to order an item from its vast catalog. If you find yourself wishing that you had a blue etherium field crystal, you can now just order it.

Deeper in space you may encounter the Teratons. Although they will not attack you without provocation, they are powerful enough that even the Ringers fear them. But if you have some of the raw materials and items that they need, they may trade with you and pay you in valuable rins.

Of course, 0.97 also includes many new features for modders, thanks to many request in the forums:

  • Extensions now support the DockScreen tag, the Globals tag, and the Sovereign tag. This allows extensions to introduce entirely new sovereigns and encounters without changing the main Transcendence.xml file.
  • Another very important change is that all uses of gStation have been changed to gSource. This will make it easier to remember since events, invocations, and dock screens now all use the same variable.
  • Images can now be defined anywhere (they don't have to appear before station and ship definitions).
  • Custom configurations now take dice ranges for angles (see the Urak mass driver for an example).
  • Also, weapons can have a limited arc of fire (see the Dwarg xiphon cannon).
  • And finally, 0.97 now implicitly defines all entity declarations in Transcendence.xml. This means that you no longer have to declare standard entities (like itTitaniumPlate) in your extensions.

Download the new version here. For more changes and bug fixes, please consult the Version History.

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