Transcendence Game Design

Transcendence 0.95b

Ammunition box, fuel, and drive device.The latest version of Transcendence, 0.95b, is now ready for download! This new version fixes several bugs reported by the ever vigilant players in the Unofficial Transcendence Forums.

This version also adds a couple of new items. I've always felt that Heliotropes should have their own fuel items. This new version introduces Heliotrope fuel cylinders, which act like very good quality fuel.

The other kind of item added in this version is the ammunition box. Ammunition boxes generally contain ammunition. Unfortunately, the only way to tell what they really contain is by opening them—and by then, of course, it's too late.

Modders also get some new features in this version. Check out the OnRefuel event introduced for Heliotrope fuel cylinders. It should be possible to create interesting items that do something to your ship when refueling. There is also a way to set the fuel efficiency for reactors and a way to set the starting credits for player ships.

As always, for a complete list of changes, please the version history page.