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Transcendence 0.95

Transcendence 0.95

Transcendence 0.95 is ready for download!

It's been several months, but the latest version of Transcendence is finally ready for testing. This new version adds many frequently requested features, including a choice of starting ship class, better support for modders, and, of course, more enemies, missions, and items.

These are some of the changes in the game:

  • You can choose one of three different ship classes to play the game with. The traditional Sapphire-class yacht is still available, of course, but alternatively you can play with a modern EI500-class freighter or the fast and powerful Wolfen-class gunship.
  • Reactor power output is calculated for each device. The starting Sapphire reactor outputs a maximum of 10MW of power, which means that all of your devices, including shields, weapons, and propulsion must draw no more than 10MW in total. If your total power consumption exceeds 10MW, the ship will automatically begin disabling devices. Of course, it is possible to upgrade the reactor on your ship by installing new reactor upgrade devices. (There is also a new command [B] that allows you to selectively enable and disable devices.)
  • Destroying stations is now a little bit harder. The game distinguishes between "point weapons" like lasers and particle beams, and "mass destruction weapons" like missiles and kiloton cannons. Stations now take less damage from point weapons, which means that they need to be hit with WMDs to be destroyed. Damage to ships is unchanged from previous versions.
  • Hitting wrecks with mass destruction weapons can destroy them.
  • Hitting asteroids and other objects with heavy weapons can cause damaging debris to fly off the target.
  • Black Market stations now give out a couple of missions--but only if you've proven yourself useful to the Sindikat. Beyond St. Katharine's Star you might also find a Black Market shipyard that can install military and illegal weapons.
  • There is a new Ringer Shipyard at the higher levels that can install weapons and devices. But destroying a Ringer station now has more severe consequences.
  • The Commonwealth Fleet now has a few more missions.
  • The Sisters now accept certain special items in addition to credits.
  • There are 5 new enemy ship classes and a dozen new items types. And, of course, there are one or two surprises not listed here.
  • For modders, Transcendence 0.95 introduces the concept of "Extensions", which are .XML files placed in a folder called "Extensions". Extensions are primarily used to define new starting ship classes, but you can also use them to define new items and encounters. There are still many limitations (and probably bugs), but the extensions system will be improved over time. Although the concept of replacing the Transcendence.xml file is still supported in 0.95, all future mods should be done using extensions. Consult the sample extension in the downloads area.

As always, the game will continue to improve and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Visit the Unofficial Transcendence Forums to discuss the game with other players and to make suggestions. Or, if you prefer, email me at [email protected].

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