Transcendence Game Design

Transcendence 0.7

Transcendence is a game of space combat and adventure in which you travel throughout the star systems of Human Space and encounter pirates, outlaws, and slavers bent on taking your ship, your cargo, and your life.

Version 0.7 is an early alpha release. Much of the game is still not finished and in particular you may find that it is not that much fun. Nevertheless, I believe that there is enough there to start getting feedback and I believe that once the universe is fleshed-out more that Transcendence will be a lot of fun.

Transcendence Screenshot 2

Transcendence was inspired primarily by Nethack. Depth and detail along with playability and the illusion of simplicity combine to make Nethack one of the best games of all time. I have always wanted to create a space adventure game with similar properties. The variety of enemies, weapons, and wondrous devices will hopefully provide some of the same depth to Transcendence and the simple format should make it easy to learn and play.

Transcendence Screenshot 4

At this point in Transcendence's development, I don't expect too many people to enjoy the game as much as Nethack, but I hope that many people will see potential in it. If you do, please send me comments and feedback to help me to improve the game.

Click here to learn more about Transcendence and to download version 0.7. Good luck!